My mission

Growing Lifestyle Businesses

Helping solopreneurs, startups and other small businesses with planning, strategy, management and marketing.
Next Generation Business

Building Lifestyle Businesses, One Block at a Time

Running a solo operation can feel like a never-ending jigsaw puzzle

A small lifestyle business has many moving pieces.  As a business owner you wear a lot of different hats. My goal is to bring planning and process that helps lifestyle business owners spend more time on the parts of the business they love.

What do I do?

I believe the next generation of business is lifestyle business

Our work life should support and enhance our interests and hobbies, not fight against it in a never-ending attempt to achieve "work-life balance".

I try to put this into action through my consulting services, coaching, blog and my own e-commerce business. You can learn more about each of these below.

My coaching

Solo Biz Guide

Mentoring lifestyle business entrepreneurs in marketing and business planning.

My blog

The Frugal Solopreneur

Thoughts on bootstrapping a solo or small business that supports lifestyle and life goals.

How can I help you?

Planning or building a lifestyle business?

Schedule some time on my calendar to chat - no cost, no commitment!