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My Lifestyle Business

Welcome to JoLees Solutions, home of my online ecommerce business, as well as my work with hundreds of online and technology startups.

I deliver unique, eclectic home decor through my online store, Kazoo Decor, and several popular online marketplaces.

I also offer coaching services, guides and templates to help other solo business owners build their own businesses. I love helping solopreneurs, startups and other small businesses thrive.


About Me

Joanna Lees

My name is Joanna Lees, and I am the solo owner of JoLees Solutions.

I have been running my own online business since 2007. 

Prior to that, I spent 14 years as a strategic marketing manager at Intel where I developed partnerships with other technology vendors to help build their businesses on the Intel platform.

In all, I have been working to help startups grow their customer base for almost three decades.

  • Experience

    I have been working with startups since 1994. Names may change, and technologies evolve, but the core requirements to grow a successful online business remain.

  • Ecosystem Knowledge

    Having spent decades in the online and technology industry, I know that a small online business can only be successful by understanding the complete end-to-end ecosystem of which they are a part, and knowing how to influence and leverage other ecosystem players to the benefit of the business.

Next Generation Business

Building Lifestyle Businesses, One Block at a Time

Running a solo operation can feel like a never-ending jigsaw puzzle

A small lifestyle business has many moving pieces. As business owners we wear a lot of different hats. Better planning and process helps lifestyle business owners spend more time on the parts of the business we love.

What do I do?

I believe the next generation of business is lifestyle business

Our work life should support and enhance our interests and hobbies, not fight against it in a never-ending attempt to achieve "work-life balance".

I try to put this into action through my writing, coaching, consulting and my own e-commerce business. You can learn more about each of these below.

My coaching

Solo Biz Guide

Mentoring lifestyle business entrepreneurs in marketing and business planning.

My blog

The Frugal Solopreneur

Thoughts on bootstrapping a solo or small business that supports lifestyle and life goals.

Have Questions? Need Help with Your Small Business?

Planning or building a lifestyle business?

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