About JoLees Solutions

Marketing, Strategy, Process for Small Business

Through JoLees Solutions, I have helped hundreds of small businesses, startups and solopreneurs plan their business, improve their strategy, streamline their marketing, and target their messaging. 

About Me

Over the past 26 years, I've worked with hundreds of small companies, from "mom and pop" shops to shoot-for-the-stars tech startups to solo consultants.  I spent 15 years in corporate America managing partner marketing and consulting programs for a Fortune 100 tech firm, and I've spent the past decade working my own "lifestyle business" in consulting, freelancing and e-commerce.

During that time, I've had hands-on experience working with business owners (and being one myself) who are trying to grow a business using other people's measures of success: money, influence, power, size... But is that really the right goal for every business?

Through my own solopreneur journey, I have come to realize that "success = individual happiness" is a much better measure (at least, for me). So for me, a lifestyle business is the right choice, with emphasis on the things that I value: flexibility, autonomy, and leaving time for nature walks and hobbies.